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Little Friend Care LLC has been certified by the City of Fairfax. Our daycare is dedicated to providing children with a safe and nurturing environment. Our experienced team of caregivers are  passionate about helping young minds develop and reach their full potential by providing various stimulating activities that foster creative thinking, emotional support, and social and physical growth. We believe in allowing children to explore at their own pace while implementing structure and routines. With one-on-one attention, supervised playtime, and an emphasis on education, your child will receive all the tools they need to succeed. Visit us today to see why Liffle Friend Care LLC Family Daycare is the go-to choice for families looking for quality daycare services!

Time for games and

All children need active playtime to grow and develop physically and mentally. Our daycare schedules opportunities for children to explore new things and learn social skills by playing with others and helping them cope with any stress they may be feeling.

In addition, play is essential to a child’s healthy development: it teaches planning and organization skills, emotion regulation, math, language, and social skills.

Comfortable nap time

Parents understand just how invaluable a good night’s sleep is for children, but are you aware that daytime naps can be equally critical? Not only do they help ensure kids get the restorative slumber needed each day, but they also bolster their physical health and mood. 

At our family daycare, we ensure your little ones can take regular daytime naps in a safe and comfortable environment. Our experienced staff understands how vital it is for children to have a space to relax and unwind during their naps. So we use soothing music to create an atmosphere that encourages healthy shut-eye. 

We also ensure napping toddlers receive plenty of attention; our trained caregivers keep an eye on them while they slumber so parents can rest assured their kids are safe and secure at all times. 

Comfortable nap time

The main focus of our programs is the safety and healthy development of all children. We believe that music is a significant part of the learning process, so we included it in our programs to help children develop a range of skills, including motor, language, social-emotional, intellectual, and overall literacy skills.

During this time, kids will not only be learning how to follow directions and develop their listening skills, but they’ll also be gaining a greater understanding of pitch, melody, and rhythm.



Emily Jones

I have peace of mind when I leave my children with little friend care.
I highly recommend them.


Mark Harris

It is one of the best daycare centers you can trust.
I am very grateful for the care with my son.


Maria E Bedolla

I really like the place, the love and patience of the children’s caregivers.

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